Infoabend online (en)

8. Sep. 2021

Online-Meeting 19-21 O'Clock

Meeting-ID: 959 9680 8131
Code: 738028
Berlin-Nr: 030-56795800

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What is Sexological Bodywork?

With Sexological Bodywork people find in themselves a sensual-aware home and an authentic expression of their sexuality. It is a lively, creative and process-oriented form of somatic bodywork.

Sexological bodyworkers work in areas such as sex education, counselling, somatic coaching and holistic bodywork. The aim is to support a self-determined and self-confirmed sexuality in the sense of the client.

In individual sessions or group workshops they accompany people to perceive their bodies in a more differentiated way in order to strengthen their sexual health and vitality.

With Sexological Bodywork, clients* can find new ways to expand their potential for pleasure and enjoyment and integrate sexual sovereignty and intimacy into their lives. Above all, this opens the door to the abilities to:

▲  experience and embody one’s own sexual being more strongly (erotic embodiment)

▲  to (self-)consciously shape sexual experiences and intimate encounters and relationships (self-confirmed sexuality)

▲  to live and regulate ones erotic needs and erotic potential more consciously (erotic empowerment)

▲  to create a deeper connection with a meaningful life and fulfilling relationships.

On the info evening we will talk about Sexological Bodywork in general and the next professional training in German from March 2020 in particular. We are happy to answer your questions and invite you to come into dialogue with the group.

Curious? Come and join us!

We are looking forward to seeing you,

Mareen Scholl, Nino Mar Seliz