OY – Orgasmic Yoga: Embodied Self-Love Ritual (every other Tuesday in Berlin)

11. Feb. 2020 – 11. Feb. 2021

Life Artists Creators HUB
Milastraße 4, 10437, Berlin

Orgasmic Yoga is a collective somatic learning ritual of embodied self love – supported through breath, voice, movement and touch. It was developed by Joseph Kramer, main founder of Sexological Bodywork, with the input of many other pioneers and explorers of embodied eroticism.

Self-love is our most intimate and natural way of connecting with ourselves and our sexuality. With Orgasmic Yoga, we find our way back to the body and embark on a search for our expression of sensuality. We may encounter reservations, displeasure, fears and shame, but also acceptance, creativity, love, lust and passion. We embrace all feelings as sources of learning about ourselves, in acceptance of what is and knowing that everybody is just perfect in their very own, unique sexual journey. We meet in the space between who we are and who we want to be without judgement. As an expression of our self-appreciation, we deepen the intimacy with ourselves and allow everything that wants to be in this moment to emerge. Thus, orgasmic yoga is both a deep bodily practice and an embodied meditation.

Ongoing this year, every other tuesday from February 11th (there will be no meeting on the 2nd of June)

You can arrive up to 15 minutes earlier for personal preparation. Please note that the doors will close after 10:00 with no possibility of entry. Please bring a towel and a sheet to lie on, a sarong or lunghi to wear, and whatever could inspire your self-exploration experience, such as massage oil, lube, a blindfold, toys, essential oils or a notebook.

No prior experience needed, just openness, respect and celebration of personal expression and diversity in every sense!

Individual encounter: 10 – 15€ (sliding scale)
Ten tickets: €80.

If you would like to join us, please contact
Juliette C. Morgan oy.juliette.morgan@gmail.com
Ale Karasik: alejandro.karasik@gmail.com


With Orgasmic Yoga we explore the love for ourselves, our body and our sensuality. Together we embark on a sensual and playful journey, where each of us can unfold and rediscover our sexuality and our masturbation as self-love, from meeting to meeting. The goal of Orgasmic Yoga is not necessarily orgasm (though climaxes are welcome), but the conscious sensing into your sensual, sexual and erotic energy, in the way in which it presents itself in the moment — or not. It is an invitation to open up new sensory spectrums and to explore your whole body as your largest erogenous zone, enjoying a state of “orgasmicity” — an increased capacity for sensing pleasure, free of shame and performance pressure. Through this regular and mindful practice, to which the word “yoga” refers, sexual energy can be integrated into everyday life.

Sometimes our eyes are open, at other times closed. We allow ourselves to be inspired by one another, yet our gaze does not linger anywhere. The centre of the circle provides space for larger movements, expression and dancing. You will have a cushion at the top end of your mat in case you prefer to simply sit, meditate, hold space for the group energy and be a witness to yourself and your feelings. In the group there is room for your own way to express and appreciate yourself, as it feels right for you. You decide yourself how much clothing you want to wear or not, how expressive or in-depth you want to show yourself in the group. This is a shared, group learning environment for open self-focus in a diverse community.

You will be led into your self-love practice by experienced Sexological Bodyworkers, who will host the OY meetings in their own unique way, in alternating constellations. The meeting hosts will open the space and also join in the practice. Please mind that the sessions are a communal ritual and personal practice space, with little guidance and input. It is not a workshop!

Sometimes the meetings will be accompanied by music playlists or live instrumental music. Everybody is welcome to bring their instruments. At other times your practice will be supported simply by voice, breath and movement.

OY is an activity inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations and ages (18+).

Unfortunately we cannot offer an elevator access to the upper floor. Therefore it is not suitable for wheelchairs.

The meetings will be presented in German and English.

For information about the hosts and their programme for each session please check here and the soon to be created FB-page.

The first session on February 11th will be hosted by Mareen Scholl and Juliette C. Morgan.