Anal Love – with Mareen and Juliette. English

10. Mai. 2024 – 12. Mai. 2024

IKSK Berlin im Holzmarkt 25
Holzmarktstraße 25, Haus 2/ 4. Etage, 10243, Berlin

Open your ass – and your heart and mind will follow!

(Chester Mainard)


Explore the sensuality of your anus and butt and their potential for pleasure, emotional connection and grounding. Together, we will cultivate heightened awareness and sensitivity for rosebud, rectum and pelvic floor. The anus is wonderfully gender neutral. Most people have one. With somatic awareness, bodywork and conscious touch, we will guide you to honour this often neglected or shamed bodypart. 

The anus is deeply embedded in cultural and gendered scripts and taboos. It also plays a major role in our development as young infants, and therefore may hold intimate body memories. It embodies a life-long personal history of our (sexual) body, of feeling accepted or controlled or the need to control, of light-heartedness or withdrawal, of our sense of  rootedness and trust in us and the world. Connected with giving birth and being born, intertwined with the delicate process of organic as well as emotional nourishment and digestion, we discover the route from desire, exploration and incorporation with mouth and jaw, along the organs and the digestive system, down the pelvis and rectum for elimination and relief.

The anus is also deeply embedded in the body`s myofascial web of connective tissue. The main muscles of the pelvic floor and important energy lines intersect at the perineum and anus, pumping and transporting energy and arousal through the genitals and the main energy channels. 

Anal touch is a direct pathway to the parasympathetic nervous system and the vagus nerve. Relaxing the anus, externally or internally, through massage or slow touch, can help relax the whole pelvic floor and body. Vice versa, full body relaxation can slowly invite the sensitive anal sphincters to savor and let go. 

Whether through pleasure or relaxation, through giving or receiving anal touch, you can access an internal cosmos and inner landscape of different textures and intensities. Strengthening the powerful link between anus, coccyx, spine and crown and establishing a connection with the earth, provides stability for deeper exploration and trance-like states.

Embrace the depth of what might surface during this expansive journey. Surrender into trust, opening yourself to the possibility of sensious, playful and erotic experimentation.


We, Mareen and Juliette, motivated by our own curiosity for this powerful yet tender part of the body, have gained many years of anal experience working with people of all genders in sessions, workshops and trainings. We look forward to sharing our expertise and enthusiasm with you.

Each participant is invited to follow their own pace and limits. In particular with the anus and its complex sphincter muscles, we can practice sensing our limits, needs, desires and fears. There are therefore no prerequisites for taking part in the workshop: beginners and experienced anal lovers alike are welcome.

We welcome a diverse group of gender identities and an openness to work with all genders.


The workshop may adress the following topics:

  • anal and pelvic anatomy and its relevance for pleasure and embodiment
  • awareness, relaxation and stimulation through meditation, breath, movement, voice and (self-)touch
  • active receiving and giving of body massage, internal and external anal massage, prostate/g-spot touch via the anus, anal mapping, anal meditation
  • anus and emotions: The anal taboo, shame, disgust and other stress
  • anus and health
  • anal care and hygiene
  • toys and tools 
  • communication for safety, trust and pleasure


The workshop will be held in English.


Price: Sliding scale: 430 / 480 / 530 €

Venue: IKSK, Holzmarktstraße 25, Haus 2/ 4. Etage


Friday 10.5.: 10-22 Uhr

Saturday 11.5.: 10-22 Uhr

Sunday 12.5.:  10-18 Uhr




Reservierungen sind für diese Veranstaltung geschlossen.