Embodied Counselling Certificate with Deej Juventin in Berlin

15. Mai. 2020

I am very happy to announce that Deej Juventin, one of my favorite somatic and embodied teacher and educator, will come to Berlin in Summer 2020 to share his special and well-developed Embodied Counselling Training with us.

This is what Deej is sharing with us

I am delighted to be returning to Berlin to teach the Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling, and to have the opportunity to connect more with our somatic colleagues from across Europe, those established as well as those beginning their journey.
My passion is training practitioners to work somatically, and teaching somatically. The body, when talking somatically, is the process of having awareness in the living moment, enabling us to access the full breadth of information available – from the physical organism, emotion, environment, arousal, social interactions, to name a few.
This training focuses on simple somatic skills to support our clients (and ourselves) with the emotional aspect of their experience. Rather than avoid or get lost in emotion, we can access it as a guide in moving through the world, to live with more discernment, more wisdom, and more vitality.

More information

The Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling is a profoundly useful and embodied professional development program for people working in the helping professions, offering simple, effective and powerful information and tools.
The training connects embodied practice with psychotherapeutic theory, language and practice. You will develop a grounded foundation in information on psychotherapeutic approaches leading to the current shift towards somatic approaches, as well as study the basic neurological information that supports the importance of these approaches (there is a revolution going on in neuroscience that is providing empirical support for the importance of embodied work). At the same time, you develop effective, and foundational, embodied counselling skills – ways to support clients to become aware of and work with what they are experiencing through the body. You also develop your own sense of embodiment and effective practices to support clients in getting started with embodied practice.

We achieve this through:
– easy to follow course materials and study guides for the 9-week program
– 7 live Zoom classes
– 9 weeks of guided practice
– Opportunities to expand your knowledge in areas of your choice through guided research
– Practice, reflection and feedback of embodied counselling sessions
– 3 days together practicing, studying and further embodying the learning/3-day intensive in Berlin to integrate the learning in July 17th -19th 2020
– The community and vibrancy of co-created embodied learning

Teaching, guidance, and coaching from Deej Juventin, in:
• how to further develop your capacity for embodiment and how
to transfer these skills to clients
• 7 essential and effective practices of embodied coaching, plus
dozens more to explore and experiment with
• how to develop effective embodiment practices
• practice in cultivating the qualities of effective practitioners
• specific practice in 8 effective skills of embodied counselling
• demystifying counselling and psychotherapy through an
overview of the major approaches and terminology
• the basic concepts of interpersonal neurobiology
• an overview of the neurobiology of emotions, relationships and

On satisfactory completion of all requirements, students are awarded the Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling by the Institute of Somatic Sexology.

Here is the direct link to the website:


Nino Mar Seliz


There is a chance to have a 30 minute Zoom call with everyone interested in taking the training with Deej, to go over what is involved and answer any questions you have.
Possible dates for a call, for registration please contact:

February 19th at 8am Berlin / 5pm Brisbane
March 3rd at 8am Berlin / 5pm Brisbane
March 10th at 8am Berlin / 5pm Brisbane

Course description and enrolment form

Introductory Certificate in Embodied Counselling (PDF)




the venue will be in Berlin Kreuzberg/Schöneberg and will be wheelchair-accessible


Early-bird: €1250 until March 15th 2020
Full-price: €1500 (full payment must be received by April 20, 2020)
ISS Student Discount:  €100 (Discount for people who have completed a certificate training with ISS within the last 2 years)
Deposit: €200 The non-refundable deposit secures your place on the training

Deej Juventin

This is what people share after the certificate training

“The training was fantastic. It filled in lots gaps in my knowledge, gave me new spaces to fill up with the knowledge I will continue to gather, and affirmed, consolidated and linked together my existing abilities.”

“It was a wonderful opportunity to invite more embodiment into my life. I enjoyed the load and pace of the learning.”

“Great mixture of theory and practical.”

“I feel more confident in my skills and my ability.”

“Wonderful complement for counsellors, sex bod workers, and anyone working in helping professions.”

“Awesome doorway into greater understanding of somatic enquiry and counselling.”
“Great teaching.”

more video-info here: