Introductory Course Sexological Bodywork, Berlin (en, sold out)

14. Okt. 2022 – 16. Okt. 2022

Village Berlin
Kurfürstenstrasse 31/32, 10785, Berlin

Sexological Bodywork is a new body-based approach that opens spaces where individuals, couples and groups can learn about sexuality and intimacy. This workshop gives an introduction to the basic approach and the methods used in Sexological Bodywork. As a participant you will be able to experience new ways to

  • deepen your capacity to enjoy body sensations and live a sexuality that is more connected to your body (erotic embodiment)
  • establish deeper bonds in your intimate encounters
  • create your sexual experiences and communicate your desires more consciously (sexual empowerment)
  • deepen your knowledge about their your sexuality and develop your erotic abilities

The foundation of our journey will be creative and focused body expression, breathwork, meditation, as well as mindful and sensual whole-body touch as a giver and receiver.

The workshop adresses people who wish to enrich their life with more conscious intimacy and sensuality and embodied eroticism. For people who are interested in the Sexological Bodywork Professional Training, this course serves as an overview and introduction into the methods.


Connection to the Training

This introductory course typically aims to give an impression and a preparation for future Sexological Bodyworkers that want to participate in a full training. It is meant for anyone who wants to learn new methods for their professional work in the field of sexuality as well as for anyone who wants to rediscover new aspects of their own sexuality.

We from ISB Berlin currently focus on German-speaking trainings. As of now, we do not offer any upcoming English-speaking Sexological Bodywork training. In case you are interested in doing an English-speaking training, we suggest you check out this list of acknowledged international Sexological Bodywork schools. Our introductory course will make you eligible for trainings in other schools.

In 2022, we offer German-speaking introductory courses in May, June and July. These courses are integrated in the application process of the 2023 training. The English-speaking course in October is not! It is available to anyone who wants to get in touch with Sexological Bodywork and it is particularly directed to English-speaking people.

Slots can be booked through the booking system of our website. Booking will only be available from 26th April. We are sorry that we cannot take reservations through any other channel as this would exceed our capacities. Please desist from requiring via email. Once available, the booking opportunity will be found on this very calendar event.



Mareen Scholl, ISB Berlin
Nino Mar Seliz, ISB Berlin


Friday 10am – 8pm
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Location – community center
Kurfürstenstrasse 31/32
10785 Berlin


EUR 390.00 / EUR 700.00 for couples

Early Bird Price until 2 month before workshop start: EUR 40.00 reduction





Die Veranstaltung ist ausgebucht.