Rahi Chun: Presentation/ Talk On Genital Dearmouring

27. Aug. 2023

IKSK Berlin im Holzmarkt 25
Holzmarktstraße 25, Haus 2/ 4. Etage, 10243, Berlin

Rahi will share the key elements he feels are essential in preparation for genital dearmouring, the 4 approaches he applies during dearmouring, and how to dearmour specific areas of the vulva, vagina and penis to restore and reclaim healthy and vibrant arousal and pleasure response.  He will share case study examples of how these approaches work in real sessions and also share a video demonstration of a genital dearmouring session.  There will be a Q & A as part of the evening.

fee: 15-30€
Registration: pop in
time: Sunday August 27th, 19.30-21 Uhr

Rahi Chun

Rahi combines his training and experience as a certified Somatic Sex Educator/Sexological Bodyworker, Certified TRE Provider, NeuroAffective Touch Practitioner, Life Coach with an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology, with certifications in Family Constellations Therapy, DeArmouring Arts, Chi Nei Tsang & Karsai Nei Tsang, and STREAM (Scar Tissue Remediation and Management) in his facilitation of Somatic Sexual Wholeness.
SSW holds space for repairing the ruptures affecting our sexual embodiment sequentially, first addressing the ruptures from our developmental years, before addressing adolescent ruptures affecting the body’s boundaries and agency, after which genital armour is released from the pelvic bowl.
Rahi has taught genital dearmouring for The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education, the Latin American Congress of Sexologists, and virtually to international audiences through „The 3 Keys to Genital Dearmouring“ online course.