Sexological Bodywork meets Netflix: Sex, Love & Goop

—by Mareen

If i would not do this job already, now i would dream of it! Netflix created a very beautiful and touching series on how to work with topics of sexuality, body based, through hands-on and hands-off work. Sexological Bodywork is a big part of it, other somatic, erotic and kinky coachings, tantric inspirations and constellation work another part. All of them are integrated in my own work more or less. I have not seen such beautiful and authentic shots of these offerings so far and it is really heart warming to see this from the home sofa. Funny enough i felt touched in such an innocent way that i even forgot that i am teaching this myself 🙂 So this is a great opportunity to get an impression of this work (AND it can look so different and more than that as well). Enjoy! Ah, and just in case: no, not every sex and intimacy coach works in luxury villas and yes, it works fine just everywhere.